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Google Play App Download for Android

The official app store for all Android smartphones or tablets is the Google Play Store. As of March 2017, the app store features a record 2.8 million apps. Some mobile devices have Play Store versions that are outdated or contain technical glitches. If this is you and you want to update your Google Play Store manually here’s how you go about it:

Step 1: Check What Version You Are Currently Running

Apps are updated to ensure that they don’t have bugs and function smoothly. If you want to see what version your mobile phone is currently running, you will need to:

• Open the Google PLAY App
• Click settings
• Check the build number (current version) at the bottom.

Step 2: Download Google Play Store APK

First, you have to find the Android Package Kit (APK) for Google Play Store. Download only from reputable websites (Download link at end of the post).

Step 3: Enable Unknown Sources

This security feature when disabled prevents unknown applications from self-installing onto a user’s device. To install the Google Play Store app, you will need to first enable this setting. To do this:

• Go to Device Settings
• Click on Security
• Go to Unknown Sources and tick the box. Read the ensuing pop-up box and if you agree with what it says, click ‘Ok’.

Step 4: Install Google PLAY App

Now that everything is in place, it’s time to install the app.

For mobile devices:

• Download the APK file from below list. It can sometimes be stored on your SD card if you have one. Check your Downloads Folder.
• Click the APK file. If a pop-up box appears, click on the ‘Package Installer’.
• If any permission change pop-ups appear, read them and then click, ‘Ok’.
• Then click install. Once the installation is complete, you will now be able to access Google Play Store on the device.

Step 5: Security Caution

The Unknown Sources that we had to enable in Step 3 is a security feature that either prevents or allows apps to be installed on your phone. We always encourage users to go back to Phone Security and un-tick that Unknown Sources box.

• Go to Device Settings
• Go to Security Settings
• Uncheck the Unknown Sources Box

What’s New with the Latest 7.7.08 Version

The only thing that’s gone? No more changelog. In all honesty, Google was just fixing bugs and improving the app’s overall performance.


Manually installing the latest version of Google Play App Store has never been easier.

Here we have from old version Google Play App Store apk file to latest Google Play Store Apk available for free to download in your phone.

Google PLAY App APK Download for Android below